Starter Drones

So drones have peaked your interest and you want to buy one but don’t know where to start.  We have listed some beginner drones here that are great for first time drone flyers.  These drones are fairly inexpensive and will they wont break the bank if your crash them.  They are great first drones to get the hang of things before you advance to the upper level Consumer Drones or Professional Drones.

These drones will help you learn the basics of flying such as controlling the yaw, pitch, roll and throttle before moving to a more advanced drone.  Most of these drones can take a fall and wont break while you learn to control the delicate movements of the controller.  You always want to keep your eye on the drone and these will help create great muscle memory so you do not have to take your eyes off the drone and look at the controller.

These beginner drones can be considered toys but they still do contain the same basic concepts as any other advanced drone on the market.  Most of these drones contain propeller guards to keep the operator and all surrounding objects protected especially when flying indoors.  Therefore, we always recommend to keep the propeller guards installed when flying indoors and especially when you are just starting out as safety measure both you and your drone.

Below you will see a list of our featured starter and beginner drones as well as a list of all drones we have reviewed that we consider great for the first time flyers and those that want to fly on a budget.  Stay safe and get out there and start flying!

Best seller
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

Description: Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training.  This ...

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