Drone Checklist

Drone Checklist

A complete drone checklist for flying your drone safely.  Never forget something at home or leave something in field again.  Check out each section on the left hand side for each type of checklist including before you leave,  before you fly, and before you go home.

  • Flight location for restrictions
  • Call local Airport Control Tower(If Required)
  • Check Weather
  • Batteries are charged
  • Drone
  • Controller
  • How Many Batteries   1   2   3   4   5
  • Propellers
  • Phone / Tablet is Charged
  • Camera is charged
  • SD Card
  • Battery Charger
  • Portable power supply, we recommend Anker
  • Maps are cached
  • Landing Pad

  • Check for Overhead Wires or Cables
  • Check for bystanders
  • Check wind conditions visually
  • Check drone for any damage
  • Remove Gimbal Lock and Lens Cap
  • Insert the Micro SD card
  • Connect Battery
  • Confirm Satellites
  • Set home point
  • Set return to home height
  • Hover drone for 1-2 minutes at low height
  • Confirm battery charge

  • Verify footage was captured correctly
  • Log flight location and duration
  • Re-Visit the “Before You Leave” section to verify you have everything you came with

If you think we forgot anything or need to add something, please let us know in the comments below so we can update or list.

  1. For phantom pilot, you may want to add “maps cached” and a “miscellaneous items” (e.g. Scanner, landing pad, etc.). For before you fly, items like “confirm satelites, home point set and RTH height”

  2. Great Ideas!!! I forgot about those, I will get them added. Thank you

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